Timeless Time - Tiempo Eterno

Timeless time like rhythm of rhyme
Flows quickly as this breath of mine
Enigma of the Universe, defies comprehension
Beware its potential to incite tension

Know its beauty when timeless
Precious moments relished with kindness
Time that saps youth from the soul
Tells you grim reaper awaits your toll

Enjoy and cherish each iota of time
To nature and love, never be blind
Have profound appreciation for soul mate
Before entering the mortal’s gate

Without Carolina life would be lifeless
My spirit would be flightless
Could never soar into depths of wisdom
Or be intrigued by a sage in Lisbon

Gregorian and Coptic calendars attempt to harness thee
Daylight savings time, a deceptive plea
To capture your timelessness from fleeing free

Steady you roll, undaunted by it all
Knowing the galaxy determines the call
Experiences live because memories live
When memory fades, no more to give

Through it all, time presses on
Hoping you are where you truly belong
How swiftly you move as waves of the sea
Not mentioning what destiny may be

Timeless time independent of measured time
Harsh reality betrays all living kind
Slow it down, slow it down timeless time
When the reaper is near, just give me a sign
Until then, life continues divine

by Joshua C. Whiting

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very descriptive. GOOD JOB!
very descriptive. GOOD JOB!