"Black Swan&Quot;

I saw a most enchantingly beautiful, black Swan:
JUST DRIFTING ON a sea of crystal so clear;
Was it blue? I could not tell, the sea so pure:
She sat the sea so magnificently
Without a care ... it seem; O what a sight to behold;
Shining so radiant, in the late evening light:
I looked around to share the wonder with anyone!
Such beauty, the works of God:
But no one I saw ... as I looked back to the crystal sea;
She sat still, is she real? Before my thoughts could take shape;
The enchantingly beautiful Swan, took sail;
Straight toward the bright harvest moon,
With diamonds surrounding;
My breathe caught!
Then as if time stood still ... I was in Paradise:
As the enchantingly beautiful black Swan disappear out of view;
My breath came again as I whisper;
Sail on enchanting beautiful black Swan, Sail on.

by Doris Marshall

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very descriptive. GOOD JOB!
very descriptive. GOOD JOB!