Fanatical Dreams

Admiration of love is better than love
Consideration of the known is better for now
Because things tend to bend the other side and you never know
To rouse the wringing of dreamt dreams is to ride the severe row

The dreams may only be dreams not bound to be pragmatic
One may scream to wane, the sound isn't dogmatic
Variations come and go missing, leaving the fantasist in desolation
And then he'll have to go running the leading path in isolation

Obsession of the unfeasible is precarious for one may become mad
Sensation of the realizable madness isn't going to be sad
All the beauty of life's lost in fleeting fanatical dreams
So the fantasist screams
For unworthy persistent dreams

One dreams the dreams he'll never get
Soon he'll scream in agony which he'll never forget
He may see the wickedness of immortality
The way is wretchedness beyond immorality

Dreams fall and shatter almost knocking one out
Seams of hell clatter on fate without shock or doubt
For those are but worthless fanatical dreams dreamt
Who's the meaningless fantasist who needs to be cleaned?

by vittal vandavasu

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