"Bout With The Briny&Quot;

She's a nasty hag on any given day.
She can be more than a man can control.
She'll toss you from the bow to aft.
She'll steal your heart then rob you of your soul.

A cold stern mistress, yet gentle and loving is she.
She's lured many a man into her bosom.
When she's calm, she's a pleasure to behold.
When she's upset, you leave her to her lonesome.

Been many a bout between man and the briny.
And at the very best it'll end in a draw.
She's not for the weak nor for the whiny.
She'll lure you in then eat you raw.

Still we are drawn to her like bears to honey.
She gives us a thrashin', still we come for more.
She'll use us then abuse us and take our money.
But we'll ride her again to another shore...
the whore!

by Beau Burkett

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