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"I'Ll Think Of You&Quot;
RTG ( / McArthur, Ohio)

"I'Ll Think Of You&Quot;

When I see the first violet of the spring,
When I walk the trails and see everything
We planted, we cared for, and grew,
Then I'll think of you.

When the dogwood blooms in white array.
And the redbud bursts forth at the dawn of day.
And all the flowers sparkle with dew
Then I'll think of you.

When the autumn leaves begin to fall,
And I hear the wild geese give their call
as they fly against the sky so blue,
Then I'll think of you.

When the first snowflakes come floating down
Covering the earth with their soft white gown
Making the tracks of the animals so true,
Then I'll think of you.

Each night when I see the Evening star
Shining in the West, so very far,
I'll say a prayer, one I hope will come true,
Someday, my love, I'll be there with you.

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