"In The Beginning Before The Day Star Have I Begotten Thee&Quot;.

Poem By Sr. Teresa Joseph Bamford

Ere yet the day star had appeared
To shed its light on earth
Angelic spirits bowed in awe
To great Emmanuel's birth.
Thine only Son, O God most high
From Ageless past revealed,
By king and prophet long foretold
Prefigured type concealed.
All wearied people longed to gaze
Upon Thy beauteous Face.
So too, angelic hosts desired
The flower of Adam's race.
And now exultant spirits still
Proclaim in rapturous strain
The wondrous message of that night
Heard once o're Bethlehem's plain.
May they now bring the precious gift
That each of us may share
The untold blessings of that night
His love beyond compare.

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The Tree Of Life

From smallest marvel of the Triune God,
From tiny seed lost in earth's fragrant sod.
Decaying, dying, that from thence must rise
A mighty tree uplifted to the skies.

The Wonder Of Snow

In the night it fell; we were fast asleep. While you silently laid a carpet deep, White gift transforming the bleak landscape. A build up of snowflakes unique in shape, A newborn creation, that we might know. Transcendent Beauty - Oh, the wonder of snow. THE OLD HOUSE WELCOMES THE NEW To watch you grow in beauty thus,
Dear house of dreams come true.
Was my delight though seeming loss -
Now all I yield to you.