A Wife Mourns For Her Husband

The dolichos grows and covers the thorn,
O'er the waste is the dragon-plant creeping.
The man of my heart is away and I mourn--
What home have I, lonely and weeping?

Covering the jujubes the dolichos grows,
The graves many dragon-plants cover;
But where is the man on whose breast I'd repose?
No home have I, having no lover!

Fair to see was the pillow of horn,
And fair the bed-chamber's adorning;
But the man of my heart is not here, and I mourn
All alone, and wait for the morning.

While the long days of summer pass over my head,
And long winter nights leave their traces,
I'm alone! Till a hundred of years shall have fled,
And then I shall meet his embraces.

Through the long winter nights I am burdened with fears,
Through the long summer days I am lonely;
But when time shall have counted its hundreds of years
I then shall be his--and his only!

by Confucius

Comments (5)

Nothing is left out from human quality profile, it seems. In scientific jargon, is this the expression of selfish gene, I wonder. Yet, a wonderful poem!
nice poem on love..congratulation...
If we could keep the pendulum tilted towards love even just a little bit many conflicts would be resolved. Great poem. Thanks for sharing.
A great poem on love and various definitions which likes much.
Love is the basis of all we do. It is the cause as well as the goal of life, the reason for being social with fellow- inhabitants and for our quest for co-existence. With the flame of love in the heart, each one of us contributes to make this world more humane, noble and worth living.