"Small But Mighty&Quot;

A "Mite" was such a tiny thing,
"Two Mites" a gift to give a "King"?
And still the saviour blest the giving,
Which was "All" the widow's living.

The mustard seed can grow to be
A spreading useful shady tree
And birds can find a refuge there
And know their Heavenly Father's care.

A woman did just what she could
To render service kind and good,
Her "Testimony" lives today,
When e'er the gospel comes our way.

"A Memorial" that she pleased the Lord
And she shall have a "Great Reward".
"Something To Think About" Thoughts come in different colors and several sizes too.
A "Little" thought could save a day,
A "Lot" could save a few.
Bright cheerful thoughts can be a source of pleasant company.
They light a spark, and leave their mark,
They set our spirits free.
A "dark drab" thought can fill a room,
With loathsome things and endless gloom.
Don't think the thoughts that make you "blue"
Think thoughts that bring a "golden hue",
They'll lift you up and strengthen you.
A ray of sunshine in your soul,
Such thoughts would be a shining goal.

by Helen E. Baird

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