"Tear To Tear&Quot;

Oh Wicked bones passed down by Mother Eve and Father Adam
Lord, You forgave our sins, but to believe You willed us Life after Death
Oh! Lord, the Pain; Tear to Tear

I walk with bones of pain, flesh that tears and burns, Hands that burn
Feels like nails ripping the palms, but Oh! this you felt too!

Feet burn like walking on hot coals, but this You felt too; Tear to Tear
Muscles, pulling and swelling, Oh! wicked body of mine
Down, Down to a sea of pain, as far as one can look, one way to end it
"Death," Oh! but to sleep! Tear to Tear Lord! Lord!

One so young gifted in every way to live in hell every day
But You Lord, walked this way, Tear to Tear.

Forgive us Lord, we did not; what God asked us to do
I asked You Lord into my heart for You died for me
and what hurt we did to You. Tear to Tear.

I prayed to walk with You, and to do with me as You willed,
Lord, what pain You endured for a sinner like me
But saved I go as long as You lead, and dark as it may seem
I now know life is after death, and if not for Your saving grace
I should walk this worldly, painful way for Hell and Satan's Day, Tear to Tear.

The Lord and I to meet some day.

by Irene J. Yensel

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