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"The Moral Of Thee Three Provikus&Quot;
AAC ( / Stockton, California)

"The Moral Of Thee Three Provikus&Quot;

Poem By Albert Anthony Caraig Sr.

Like a samurai one strikes to surpass,
What life signifies its dragon mass,
Which encompass with such powers and forces that adorn,
How life takes its courses and continually transforms
It's reactions to the actions within its entity,
That expresses and stresses so uniquely.
Never the less will the dragon suppress to enact its duty.
For what one stands is what one has defended,
Will another reprimand because they're offended.
For ways are of this and that,
Many display's that existences portray and that's a fact.
For it's everyone pros and cons, battling for they're rights and opinion
That continues on and on, to fight and succeed in there dominion.
Yet the dragon of life must enact its strife to give
A portion of this and that of how we act and live!
The moral of this story, are these three proviku glories.
Do remember one another's actions; are destinies reactions:
Thus will life uphold its ways; to react to what everyone portrays:
How one another strives to survive in life; will enact its strifes:

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