Heb Oleuni

Heb oleuni

Heb olau, beth byddai gyrru ymaith y tywyllwch?
Heb olau, byddai'r coed yn dal i dyfu?
Heb olau, byddai blodau dal blodeuo?
Heb olau, hyd fyddai Gwawr?
Heb olau, hyd fyddai fachlud?
Heb olau, byddai yn dal i weld y sêr?
Heb olau, byddai yn dal i weld y lleuad?
Heb olau, byddai gennym dal i obeithio?

Gan Christopher Tye

by Christopher Tye

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'My hopped up husband drops his home disputes, and hits the streets to cruise for prostitutes, ' Graphic lines, I applaud Robert Lowell for writing this, in a time when brutality and beating wives in the home was ignored by a moral majority? Sadly in some suburbs and many countries it still is, a pity people do not do unto others as they would have others do unto them. Sadly a few trolls, do not give the love and respect women deserve, the question is always why stay and put up with this disgusting behaviour?
Sad poem......++++++++++++++++ Thanks for sharing...................
Thank you Robert Lowell for making me see the true vision in this poem. Absolutely eccentric!
It is really sad. Hubby going away for pleasure to other women. Nicely done.
Ecellent poem describing Woe
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