Quotations Of A Broken Heart

As I watch you walk away from me,
My heart aches for what was and might have been,
But I’m so stubborn,
I could never show you who I truly am,
So I pretend I am as you are,
Because if truth be told,
I don’t give up and I never let go,
And I’m not the type who loves so easily,
I like and I lust,
But love has always been far too much.

I’ve fallen in love only once before,
That’s why you caught me by such surprise,
I was amazed at how quickly I fell,
And how quickly I believed that you,
Could be the one thing to make me happy.

I loved you without shame or regret,
I loved you more than I ever knew I could love,
I loved you for everything that was,
I loved you perhaps more than you ever knew,
I loved you for everything you showed me I could be,
I loved you because you taught me how to laugh once again,
I loved you because you gave me so much joy,
I loved you because you opened up my heart.

But that love was only meant to face rejection,
I gave you my heart,
But you simply gave it back,
I needed you to be so much more,
And you gave up so soon…

“In all the words of tongue or pen,
The saddest are these;

It might have been”
-John Greenleaf Whittier

by Kristen Currey

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