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Quotes From Childhood
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Quotes From Childhood

Poem By Wanda Swim Strunk

Daddy wouldn’t do that he loves you
Mommy’s tired
Clean it up yourself
When you leave this house you represent our family
I loves you kids
Come on hotrods
I only breed champions
God gave me you to make me laugh
Use your head save your feet
It only costs a dollar more to go first class
I am going to tan your ass so hard your shirt is going to roll up your back like a window shade
I know you’re the one who will take care of me in my old age
I ran into a wall
My parents must have had an emergency
No, that’s not my dad
I love my parents
You could have had it worse
I brought you into this world I can take you out
Please don’t tell
We have to work how else do the bills get paid
That isn’t a very nice thing to say to your own mother
I had a hard life too you know
I was an abused child too
Things weren’t this nice when I was growing up

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Comments (2)

Wanda, I too was taken back in your poem of childhood expressions. Mine were things like, You little bugger, I could kill you, you need a good hiding, you little sod etc etc. Not appropriate these days and hopefully never will be again. Now I tell mine, I could kick for arse so hard! lol 9 from Tai and her painfully neglected childhood.
WANDA, i can see every word, nice points............................