'Life's journeys may appear futile, but even washed-up seashells return to the sea to start anew.'

'How can we respect others without first seeking the respect of ourselves'

'We are all in search of that co-existent being who fuels our every desire in the journey towards existential bliss'

'Life is about you; The World is not'

'To be aloof is questionable; To be aloof and cynical is defined as jackass'

'Creative Intellectuals inhibit an un-blossomed Flower'

'Faith is belief in those things we can not see or touch and is merely acceptance of what is'

'Foreplay is the pre-requisite of Euphoria'

'Between black and white lie many shades of gray'

'Intimidation is a pre-emptive and lavish standard that we allow our mind to create'

'Enlighten the Space you are in by Creating more of it'

'Excessive Fun on the Surface Equals Much Fear Underneath'

'We are our only obstacle along the path of Dharma'

'In Mutual Interest, there is Implicit Uniformity'

'Implied Things Foster Disgruntled Assumptions'

'Life brings you wheels worthy for kicking...and then you drive a Porsche'

'Having no control is often construed as being a burdensome thing; the result is typically a shining moment'

'Those unable to see beyond the slope of their own nose....need stronger glasses'

'Words are warm and welcoming, but actions are the truest indicator of someone's deepest intentions'

by Mary Lyle

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