DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Qwerty Quadratic

I'll not quarrel over quark or quandary,
Nor quibble 'bout the quantum's quantity,
No, quiescence isn't quilled in quip I've wrote,
Nor quake I quill to cause you dote.

My quiet quiver though somewhat quixotic,
My query or quest, quid pro quo and chaotic,
This quadratic sum will qualify querulous,
To queue as quibblers and portray them frivolous.

The quintessence question this quadruple quatrain,
Gives quarter to quadrant in circles of same,
I'd hoped to quell the queasy in quire,
And offered this quillet 'n quiditty's desire.

My quote is quizzical and best read quick,
A quotable quote might do the trick,
This my quittance now properly quoined,
Quotha the Unshaven ' Love Me Once Forever' now coined.

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