R And R


She said she needed some R and R,
so I sent my love with her, along in her car,
just so she wasn't without it, at anytime,
and to let her know, I wanted her love for mine,
so where ever she goes, in this world of ours,
she won't be alone for hours and hours,
my thoughts will be with her, as she drives along,
like my heart sings with her, when she sings a song,
like we work together, while working the farm,
even when she gets dirty she still has her charm,
she can handle a hay bale as good as a man,
and she can bring in a heiffer, just like a vet can,
she saddles the horses, then rides the range,
rounding up cattle, I don't find that strange,
so when she needs, some time of her own,
I send my love with her, so she won't be alone.

writen by Harry Bryant
10/9/04 3: 56: 29 PM ©
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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