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(February 4th 1988 / Davis Island)


Poem By Jesse Tampa

Here I am inside this building; I’ve been here a million times before
When I walk in they know exactly who I am, upon closing of the door
I know the seats, I know the doors
I know the counters, I know more

I am here to be checked out
In my mind of that there is no doubt
Whenever something is wrong or troubles me so
I ask to come to this place, and so off we go

I know where they give you a proper mind set
They can fix you right up, like pushing the button “reset”
I’m upset because something is wrong with me
What exactly that is? I guess we are soon to see

Doctor you know me, you know my name
You know everything about me, has anything changed?
Since I am sitting here waiting, we’ll soon find out
Than I shall get some treatment, it’s what I’m here about


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I grew up in Town'anCountry if I may ask what is this place you speak of? R.H.C.