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R.I.P. Darrelle Sampson
CJ (04-06-1992 / riverside, california)

R.I.P. Darrelle Sampson

Poem By Curtis Johnson

♥ ♥
R.I.P. Darrelle Sampson
♥ ♥

Sometimes in life we often get confused, but today we’re enlightened with the burden of bad news. When Darrelle Sampson passed away, the bright light dimmed and faded away. At 11p.m. of the 28th day, she had no intentions on leaving that day. She was a kind hearted person to the roots of her soul, with a front page smile that had a twinkle of gold. To her family stay strong and never lose hope, because forever and always the love will grow. To loved ones and friends I too feel the pain that we’re in, so hold your head up because it’s the beginning of the end. Even though she’s gone we must still hold on. Even though she moved on her soul still lives on. We all know it’s so hard to say goodbye, because her spirit gone up to live in the sky. As we grieve for relief with eyes filled with sorrow, we won’t forget her today and especially not tomorrow. She was everyone’s friend and to some a sister, r.i.p. Darrelle, your name we’ll always remember.

“This poem is dedicated to the tragic lose of Darrelle Sampson on December 28th 2008. May we keep her in our minds, soul, hearts, and as well in our memory. May her family be blessed with courage, grace, love, and serenity.”

Best Wishes,
Curtis Chrisshawn Johnson

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