JTG (June 26,1990 / Lowell, Ma)

R.I.P: Love You Always3

Wondering if this pain will leave
I need my mind and heart to be at ease
For a little while at least
While I try to say Rest in peace

The ones around that Keep on dieing
I keep losing them and I'm sick of crying
Stop leaving me here today
Stay with me for a few more days

Please god, I need them here
So help me god if i shed on more tear
I think I am going to go insane
I can't even think with so much pain

In my heart and in my mind
All i can think about all the time
The ones that are close that keep leaving
No wonder I'm hurting through this season

God why do you keep taking my love
Taking the ones that i truly need
In my life, give them theirs
If you need a life take mine this year

You have caused me so much tears
The past week has been the worst
I have never been torn so bad
Now I'm sitting here alone crying and wishing i had

The time to spend with them
Before i have to say goodbye
You cause me so much pain
You can take my life next time

Leave the ones i love out of this
Its not their fault so don't dismiss
Let them live their life a little longer
Let them grow up a little stronger

Why must you be so cruel
You play with us as if your tools
Well man I'm telling you straight from my heart
Leave them alone, stop ripping me apart

If you cant simply do that for me
Than please do me a favor
Take my life next time you need
Something to thirst your anger

One last time I'm begging you man
Leave my loved ones alone
Keep them out of this shit man
Let them live on

Your causing me so much grief
Stealing them from me, like a thief
I just want them back home with me
Let them live a few more days, please

And as for my dog it may be an animal to you
But it is part of my family too
You know the pain that runs through my head
Here let me explain to you instead

Sitting there trying to comfort her
Wanting to cure and make her better
Man i was not born with that power
Never knowing when it will be her last hour

Sitting next to her unable to help
When she breathes she lets out a yelp
Man don't make me put her under
Leave my heart asunder

My dog is my family just like my friends
When I was in trouble she was there then
Dont take her away from me now
I need her in my life man

This world is not what i want it to be
The loved ones you constantly take from me
Thats 6 now in the last 6 months
You think that this don't affect me much?

Man just let me ask you a favor
Please stop taking them away
I need them here
To help me through the day

by Joshua Thomas Gage

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