R.O.A.D (Reality Of Another Dream)

I awoke from a dream
In a world far away
Where things were better
There was a happy me
I was writing a letter
I was in a classroom
Thats where I met her
I would smile, I would laugh
A family-I did have
A son, a daughter, and a wife
This was me, this was my life
No darkness, no pain
Not cutting my wrist, not going insane
The happiness poisoned my body
I started to miss the hurt
I must be waking up
I feel worse then before
Everytime I sleep, dont know what to expect
Everytime I awake, I feel the hurt and reject
Maybe one day, I could stay in a dream
Stay in another world, stay in another time
Stay by not waking up, at least I will never hurt again.

by Victor Osorio

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