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Río De La Plata Queen
DW ( / Ireland)

Río De La Plata Queen

My heart beats stronger and faster,
when I'm alone and think of her.
she is touch and she is taste,
drowning in loves toxic waste.

The girl I've always dreamed of,
can she see me and wake up?
The light from South America,
God created our happy ever after.

Lust and love mixed together,
my ground shakes like stormy weather.
My belly is full of desire,
take my soul burn me in your fire.

So one more kiss before I die,
before you leave I cried.
That's all I need to ease my pain,
so my mind can rest again.

If I'm loved why am I alone?
is your heart made of stone?
To decide your life and what you mean,
come to my love my Rio de la Plata Queen.

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