CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)


Crazed and silly and stupid as it may seem
I think I've just developed an infatuation with you, in you
I lost the need to write when I was with him
I had no inspiration
I had no desire
I had no need - nothing to say, because all I was used to was screaming

You're quiet, intense, purity almost makes my shadow seem like it belongs to me
I catch myself glancing your way, thinking silly things and acting 16 again
Knowing it's totally inappropriate for me to be so
But it doesn't hurt does it?

I want to get get to know you
And listen to your life and not just imagine it in my head, and how I think it went
I want to get bored with you, and I want you to irritate me

All I have right now is our mutual love of Punk
And SFX class... :)

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