Résumé Of Deeds To Be Acknowledged

There are many who wear their affectations,
On their sleeves.
They want others to know,
How an artificial and shallow existence...
Is properly lived and communicated.

While those who could easily afford,
Their affectations with a long list of awards...
They have been presented,
With deeds done they represent.
Are the ones least likely to show,
A prestige upon them that has been bestowed.

'Why do you live the way you do?
Where you do? '

I wish I can say it was from choice.
But today I will say,
I am blessed to have certain choices made...
Upon me forced.
And happily divorced I am from delusions.

What I've done, did and continue to do,
Has its place.
I am not one to carry around with me,
A résumé of deeds to be acknowledged.

So what about your social status,
And 'standing' in the community? '


'You know...
As one of those shakers and breakers,
Who make things happen.'

For who?

You of course.'

I need people like that around me?
To do...
Inspire what I've done?
What I did?
Or what I do?
To motivate a promoting of...
An agenda?
It couldn't be mine.
My agenda long ago had been prioritized.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Great poem with wonderful vivid imagery. I liked the poem for its strong structure. I rate it 10. TFS. Please read and rate my poem 'A farmer' on page 1.