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Rabbit Hole

I tumble into your heart,
And lay sprawling, panting, catching my breath in this strange place,
This exotic geography of lips and kisses and laughter
I take a moment to look around, this place I've never been before, love.
Stranger than fiction, it's unique, it's quiet and thoughtful,
It's tucked in together on a cold winter night, holding out until the sun comes up again.
This winding road goes on and on, and I'm not sure that if I begin hitchhiking my way that I won't encounter the darkness in the night, further away than the light.
Beauty is not always so easy to understand, to take in, but I see you so exquisitely in the early morning, while you're still asleep, one arm carelessly thrown above your head,
And I know the mapped lines of your skin with my eyes closed, the scars, the bruises, the dents.
I'm so confused, I don't know anymore where I've been, anymore than where I am going.
I've fallen like Alice fell down the Rabbit hole, into a very peculiar place, your heart.

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