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Rabbit Hunting
RT (06.09.1973 / India)

Rabbit Hunting

Poem By Raj Thampi

Kudos to a failed hunting

The net was laid perfect
No chances for a rabbit to escape
The expertise of an experienced
Hunter and his flesh lust
I waited
And she ran into the trap
My favorite snow white rabbit
“Oh not again” I heard her uttering in dismay
And she wore the gestures of horror and disbelief
Smoke stained lips and teeth
Forming into an loathsome grin
I snorted “I want your flesh”
Caressing the barrel of my favorite gun
“Go eat your deer” spreading her eyes for
An escape she yelled back
“I am tired of vegetables”
Penetrating the gum gaps with toothpick
I replied her quite bored
“You had your share of my flesh…many times…”
I saw her eyes flowing helplessness
“I don’t care…I want I want to taste your tender flesh
And the warmth of your blood”
I aimed my gun at her
A moment’s silence
She leaped and disappeared
Into the large snake hole, I missed

Cussing violent and mad
Caused by an unexpected failure
I wrapped the net neat into its case
And returned home

I ate my deer
I was hungry
I slept snoring
I was tired from hunting and eating

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Comments (3)

How a snow white rabbit can escape from a flesh eating hunter who laid the net with no chances to escape? ? ?
Dear kelly It was not totally imagination :) Whenever I wrote something, there was always something very real behind those words. Here the rabbit is a woman, I am the hunter, and the failed hunting is a truth. Thanks for the comment. Regards
Good use of imagry - keep it up!