Race With The Angels

Spring’s gone, a long time away;
The sun is tired, the leaves are dry,
The birds sing sadness and cold wind blows,
The flowers are for a wreath- nothing lasts forever!

And you’re gone, hurriedly, as if late;
Left us here to mourn and cry and weep
And face another day without you.
You’ll never know how much we missed you!

Just like all of us, you were His creation,
Come to earth to act, play and perform
And when He calls, to return again;
We only welcome and say farewell.

We pine for what is not and sigh;
Sometimes He seems so inconsiderate
When we bid early goodbyes- too many,
To loving souls, so dear, so close to us.

I know you’ll be happier there,
Though we always feel your absence here
I hope to come and see you again;
Don’t you cry in heaven- race with the angels!

by Lozaan Khumbah

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