(1922 - 1991 / Vojvodina / Serbia)


Some bite from the others
A leg an arm or whatever

Take it between their teeth
Run out as fast as they can
Cover it up with earth

The others scatter everywhere
Sniff look sniff look
Dig up the whole earth

If they are lucky and find an arm
Or leg or whatever
It's their turn to bite

The game continues at a lively pace

As long as there are arms
As long as there are legs
As long as there is anything

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Comments (5)

The game continues! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Is this perhaps some commentary on the human race? I would be interested to know the meaning behind this rather otherwise gruesome piece. Certainly arresting imagery.
The race is on so long as there are legs and arms. Very nice.
a good poem with plenty of bite? hope they don't swallow other wise it's game over.
Thanks for sharing+++++++++++++++++