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Racing Heart Be Still
LKO (08-26-1981 / Minneapolis MN)

Racing Heart Be Still

Poem By Little King of Sorrows

Thine racing heart, be still!
Bid not thy love 'Ado'.
Hope is not abandoned.
Behold me something new.
A time must pass...
en tu a day.
Mine flesh and bone must go away.
Fret not my love!
Prepare us not a grave!
IF heart...
and soul...
and mind be one,
be two this man your slave.
Be three strands to our rope,
before we tie that knot.
Thus weaving God within our plans.
Be four that love alot.
My darling, my anchor.
My pink star winking kisses.
I've followed you till knees and knubs,
In search of magic 'dishes'.
You be a flame! And I am moth.
Your radiant glow inviting.
Mesmorized I linger close,
wings scorched from past igniting.
Nevertheless! Like never before!
And never shall again.
In pain I focus deeper yet,
on this once a lifetime send.

L.K. Sorrows 10-22-2014

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