ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Racism...Causes, ...Effects, ...Solutions

Whites insane effort to sustain
a state of slavery
today influences Black life
more than the eye can see

When Lincoln outlawed slavery
some racists slaughtered him;
Martin, Malcolm, John and Bob,
the same racists killed them

Black folks became accustomed
to rejection lies and hate,
were forced to live in poverty,
taught Black was second rate

That lower class conditioning
subconciously controls
the way we see ourselves today!
Black folks set lower goals

We think like slaves today because
the racist power sect
run covert ops designed to fuel
our sence of self neglect

Jail by jail and bed by bed
the institutions fill
with young Black men who view life
as a worthless climb uphill

Solutions to our problems lie
within our families
our children must learn values that
instill Black unity

And as a people, hand in hand,
together we must pray
for God to heal our mental wounds
and show our race the way

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