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Racism Has A Human Heart....
JGN (August 24,1976 / Monrovia, Liberia)

Racism Has A Human Heart....

Racism has a human heart,
An artery of cruelty & death,
It has blood of anger, & evil…,
Has a force of pain & antipathy.

Racism has a human mind….
An Intellect of terror & delusion,
Has an emotion of extreme savage
Imagination of vile ideas, macabre.

Racism has a human mouth,
It has tongue of torture, depravity,
Many teeth of brutal incision & kill
Has a lip of sorrow, hate & death.


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Comments (6)

Does anyone know the rhyme scheme for this poem? i really need some help!
I need to analyse this for an assignment. I need to write about what it means and what the poet is trying to say. Any help?
this note should reached anyone human who cares and love.....a very touching and revealing poem! ! !
Absolutely right Sir. Nice poem.
Absolutely right Sir. Nice poem.
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