ST (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Racism - Katrina

Katrina eased up in the gulf.
the gulf of Mexico...
warm waters of that tropic sea
built dat bitch strong for show

Katrina set her sites upon
them biyou delta towns,
mud puppy eatin cajun folk
their smiles now are frowns

Katrina grew to level five
slowed down to level foe,
she hit them delta towns so hard….
them towns ain't there no moe

Katrina busted levees, blew down trees, ..
had delta folk down on they knees!
cryin jesus, god, somebody please!
deliver us from this disease!
don't leave us in the mud!
plague like did desend
with driving rain and torrential wind…
and in her wake,
a flood, ...
rich folks fled to higher ground
poor folks climbed up on they roof …
and with the pudding comes the proof
katrina came for blood

Katrina left the delta poor
all stranded in the dark
homeless, helpless, wet and scared,
four days without the least bit shared,
feelin like nobody cared,
George Bush flew by and stared

Katrina is a testament to poverty and greed
it personifies the vast divide,
of those that have, ...
and those that need

so how shall we proceed?

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