Radio - Every Day (From, Spring Come Come)

Communicate to my lonely heart
For its soft reasons are always going
Be of the right feelings from 1st start
Let the pieces inside be growing
Keep me in touch of very concept
That is leading to everything here
There are roads to be sidestepped
Both far away and in distances near

Every day to meet my new future
Where they are going to fulfill
Hours by hours in dreams moocher
Making lives dream-like vaudeville
Lost in the transit of weaving's web
Where time is master of deception
Each of opportunity’s in going ebb
Or finding a thought misperception

Every day to meet hours new by
Closing so steadily tick ticking in
Where’s my heart I'm asking each why?
Coming to lose where lonely has been
Disappointing conditions in absurd cast
Words and the media transmitting
Meeting new days they’re coming in fast
Every future to the past still knitting

by Peter S. Quinn

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