Rag-Pickers Versus Vain-Glories!

Rag-pickers versus Vain-glories!

A huge, loaded poly-fibre sack
On his heavily-tilted back
Profusely bleeding sweat,
The rag picker boy trudges along!
He plunges his face unfailingly
Into every waste-bin within his jurisdiction,
Searching like a cock, scavenging for rags
That resemble his crumbled dreams!
To earn half-meal a day
He drags himself all along the way,
Stitching his face to the earth-
Never a look at the blue heavens-
Thrusting his fate into the back-breaking sack!
While so many such ill-fated boys and girls
Daily plod through their lives-

Yes, there is another group-
Amidst vain boastful talks,
In air-conditioned cushioned comforts, ,
As arrogance personified,
Torching the hours
To poisonous smoke-rings,
Flashing costly currencies
On cups of coffee and snacks
Inside dimly-lit dungeons
Of secretive so called star-hotels-

When i see these vain glories,
The banyan of my heart
Lowers down aerial-roots of anger
In thick clusters breathing fire;
It thirsts to unlock the cocks
Of guns to train on these
Rich mindless wasteful souls!

-s.chandra kalaadhar

by sundaram chandrakalaadhar

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