**rage In Vain

From the ruins the elements
Rage had gathered in vain
Boiling blood no more could
Redeem would have at least
Saved the doll house inside
So long as war of titans
Uprooted the broke family
Drinking not from love
From within the sublime
Took the turn to beg
A living the child instead
Slept on the shoulder
For want of cradle
The rain poured heavily
Bringing sweet music
Music drenched in sorrows

by Sadiqullah Khan

Comments (1)

Rage is always in vain, just a waste of time and energy, though you have felt the pain. What have had done in the past is just a way for one to grow, learn, and gain the wisdom around it....and forgivess is indeed noble when you shared it rather in rage........meaningful creation of this theme Sadiq....well expressed and penned...10++++