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Here let me bare myself
Air my dirty laundry
Publicly denounce my soul
For you to feed on the grit
And the grime of all
That is left
From one relationship
To the next
From the letters produced
In a fit of pure luck
The half spent failiure
Of my uneducation
The device of poverty to claim
My mind in a bid
For freedom
The men kissed below the belt
My skin scabbed over
In unreturned affections
Black gel seeps up
When I tried to drown
The rattling fear I threw away
All the trust I placed
Palmed off in the faith of Others.
Wring it dry
Hang it out
Make my skin taught
While I hold myself to ransom
Deny myself to fit in
With the only problem
Which was you.
Take refuge in it.
Leave it outside.
Discard, donate
Do whatever you like.
Wear it to feel the same as me
Darn together the tatters
Of torn memories
Of threadbare self esteem.
Stench of disappointment
That never quite fades
Turn inside out and be Ragged
With me.

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