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Ragged Claws
AL (12/12/87 / El Paso)

Ragged Claws

Red claws
Cover pink

Blue jewels
Adorn the
Sea queen’s
Precious head.

Blue that rings
Like majiks
Fizzles, fades,
And bursts.

Fairest of the Sea-Women,
Not mermaids though
(With their green greens and aquamarines)

All of these
Women have drowned.

You squirm in
Your failure-thoughts as you
Recall the sounds of
Pressure as your
Sisters drowned.

Disabled from conversing

Filled ears
Heavy like
Their screams the
Ornate blessings of
The deep are bubbles and

Though, they will
Still sing to you, I
Think, at last, before
The gulls.

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Comments (2)

Intriguing to the max. I love your style.
I have 2 agree the way you chose your words, were outstanding! Always, Linda