Everything Has Changed

Everything has changed including me
I'm not the same girl that you keep leaving
If you come back I'm not gonna fall for your games anymore
I'm done with all those lies

You did me wrong over and over again
I kept letting you run back in forth into my life
I haven't heard from you in a couple months
And I have to say I miss you and I don't know why

You used to make me feel good about myself
But everything has changed, I don't need you to tell me lies
I don't need you back in my life
I'm not the same girl you fooled more than once

Yes it is shame on me, but now
Everything has changed, I'm not gonna let you wrap me in those beautiful words anymore
The hardest thing is sitting here and trying to get you off my mind

And I don't know why your name won't leave my mind
It's driving me crazy now and I know everything has changed
But you were everything I wanted
Guess you were to good too be true

Maybe now since everything as changed including me
I know I don't need you anymore and I'm done listening to your pretty little lies
Maybe one day in the end I'll find someone like you who won't wrap me in his words
Then leave me and come back to do it again

I'm done making that mistake
You had me going and I wanted you more than anything
But now everything has changed
No more tears will fall from my eyes over you

Everything you said were nothing but lies
You had me going off and on for so long
I was blinded by you, now I'm hoping you never come back into my life
Because now everything has changed and I'm done with you

March 10,2013


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Beautiful poem.Thank you.