PE (8th July 1991 - 8th July 20-? / Kuching)


Down pours the rain,
In harmony with its drops,
Down pours the rain,
With all its might and glory.
Oh, how I adore your magnificence,
for beneath that wild exterior,
there lies my sweet desire.
To those who seek expression,
it is a sweet inspiration,
where all is reawaken,
and things start anew.
Come daylight, all is reawaken.
Come twilight, all starts anew.

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Sweet..... Keep it up.. ^-^
I always read many lyric and poems about rain and I think it's one of the best, I'm wrote lyric about rain but my poems not better than this poems
i love poems about rain........ this is beautiful............. keep writing, thanks Athena *** words will change the world ***
The sweet water of life pours down on us or surrounds us in mist.lovely poem.
What a beautiful way of expression you have, I really liked the tone..lovely job Best wishes Jon
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