(1925 - / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Charity Thou Art A Lie

Charity thou art a lie,
A toy of women,
A pleasure of certain men.
In the presence of justice,
Lo, the walls of the temple
Are visible
Through thy form of sudden shadows.

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Yes by now you know what I am going to say but... It is really tiresome that I and perhaps you cannot rate poems anymore because some messed up computer thingee can only respond to a vote by demanding we sign in again and again and again. Really getting tiresome. Neither can I track down the comments that notifications to my e-mail tell me about.
I like this poem. It is not just interesting - it has emotional impact as well and I got invested in it. I'd give it a 10 but you know by now why I can't... don't you?
Nice 😂
The blues gone gray Expressing the impermanence of nature. Change is the only constant thing. Nice one! Sylva-Onyema Uba
The people who are not you. In the absence of one who was loved, all that was once bright becomes dreary grey rain. Haunting.
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