TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)


Please pelt me
Splatter against me and pool out
Against your flesh desert.
Spread cool across me, drench me
Your scent. Fresh, blossoms and bark
Broken tender stems.
Your texture. Moist, clean, gentle
Your temperature, cold wind svelte.
Regale me with your melody
Against the world
Your instrument.
Metal, cars, shingles
Dirt, grass, trees
And the pavement.
Shine your glitter on all of it
Without any light to reflect.
Grey clouds, they blue out my world.
Seep deep into the soil
My soul.
Explore unseen galaxies
Creatures, nature
Chase away the dogs
Into tiny boxes
Even the burly dark man
Flees into his home.
This docile beauty. Feared?
Your voice shakes the ground
Where my feet stand in one of your
Your eyes open wide, sending their light
Across the gray everything
Sending millions of stars into
Shimmery sparkles against
This world you wind through like
An emptying river.
My Rainy day, Thank you.

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a very beautiful poem with beautiful images...