MC (22nd August 1990 / )


When the lights comes to meet us
In the form of a spark.
With a sound so loud
Like something falling from a height.

Very scared I feel
Then realize that’s here it is.
Towards the sky I stare,
To blink my eyes I don’t dare.

It is the smell of wet earth
Which brings out the child in me.
How more alive can I be!
There is nothing more pleasant than the rain for me.

The raindrops start pouring down the sky,
The peace I cannot deny.
The smell so enchanting,
The birds on their tiptoes, dancing.

The breeze and the rainbow,
I cant stop my heart drift.
People running here and there,
While dancing in the rain I don’t care.

No throats left thirsty,
Toddlers appear so busy,
With paper boats and their race,
And on bicycles the children pace.

The little puddles and the mud so wet,
Youngsters roaming on the streets
And boys playing football,
And the corn with the sweet taste.

What a beautiful season is that! ! ! ! ! !
So devastating, yet so serene,
All the earth appears marine,
The sight so beautiful to believe.

The television and the blanket,
The tea and the snacks,
The friends and the gossips,
A life that comes once a living.

A season for all, the young and the old,
The season in which all memories unfold
What more can I say about the rain,
It is so true, it takes away my pain.

Written 15th May,2009
Modified 15th June,2009

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I have fully enjoyed your writing.......fantastic write........