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When it rains she thinks of you,
For, raindrops fall like teardrops do,
Forecasting the storms, your highs and lows,
Will it rain again tomorrow?.. No one knows. You were loud like the thunder, yet thunder brings no harm,
It is the lightning that strikes, like the lightning in you arm,
When the storm is lifted the traces still remain,
Of the teardrops that fell...leaving puddles of pain. But, like the rain, it makes things grow,
She blossomed like a flower and decided to go,
To search for her pride; the sunshine once again,
Dodging the rain clouds...remembering where she had been. So, now when she sees the rain she calmly waits,
Because she sees beyond the storm that she no longer hates,
She can now see the rainbow that the rain has made above,
The calm after the storm... God's promise of love

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My friends and I (three this time for on lasst comment i wrote threre were only two of use there has been a new addition) thought that was a very cute and vary good poem. My friends would like me to mention that they liked the fact that it rhymed. Lylyanna