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Cold, alone
dark and howling wind
rustling leaves and shifting spirits
rain pitter pattering
puddles forming
memories swimming
and to think you're not here.
funny how this winter night
reminds me so much of you
dressed in gloves
scarf in hand
the sound of thunder
laughter ringing
teardrops falling
I am falling
deeper, quicker
please don't stop me
don't let this love slow down
lazy summers
hasty winters
everything reminds me of you
and I'm lonely
yet I'm smiling
thoughts still spinning
you in red
you before me
you with hands around my shoulders
holding me
taking me
tasting me
telling me that everything will be okay
that you are mine and I am yours
kissing me
loving me
having me
telling me the rain will end
but it's falling like I'm falling
and you stand before me
with your gentle smile
and rain and wind
and thunder lightning
don't seem to matter anymore
and I hug you
and I kiss you
with my closed eyes
and my open heart.

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