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Poem By Patsy E. Hesketh Gothard

I listen as the raindrops fall from the sky.
It's believed GOD's shower, some people ask why.
For this is His way of washing things clean.
Look around you, haven't you seen?
There's also another reason you should know.
To give nature a drink, and make things grow.
So always remember, when the rain falls from above,
This is just one of the many things GOD does out of love.
Time, A Precious Gift The time we spend,
From beginning to end.
Is a gift from the Man.
Who holds life in His hand.
Though the roads may wind.
We must all keep in mind.
Life is a precious gift.
That He may end with just a lift.
So spend the time left to you,
Enjoying things both old and new.
Because you can never respend.
Any time you wasted after your end.

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