The rain falls from the sky,
Silent as a shadow,
Covering me,
Hiding me,
Protecting me from the eyes of others,
It is my friend,
And my hated enemy,
It is the tears I cry,
The pain that remains within my heart,
It is my conscious,
Telling me which way to turn,
It is my fear,
Magnified till I can no longer live my life,
It begs me to remain,
Yet pushes me away,
As if angered by my actions,
Nothing I do makes it leave,
For everyday the rain falls,
Upon my head,
My black clothing soaked through,
Matching the way I feel inside,
The rain so like me is filled with an inner turmoil,
A battle for it’s right to remain strong,
It is steady like the mountains surrounding me,
It is dark and fierce when the nights are long,
It has no true form,
Not human,
Not demon,
It is nothing but drops,
Scarring those who dare to challenge it’s whims,
So much like me…
One cannot see within the depths of its shadows,
Never does it stop,
And allow the sun to shine,
To warm the earth,
Allow a rainbow to show,
Just as my feelings will never change,
After having lost you.

by Silver Akira

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