God was sad today,
So it rained,
And rained,
And rained,
All day.

Pouring rain,
My Lord's way,
Of expressing his pain.

For the bad deeds,
I have done,
For the people,
I wrong,
God cried,
And cried,
All day long.

Today was a gloomy day,
It was cold,
It was wet,
It was gray,
God cried today,
Forgiving tears,
That cleansed,
And washed my sins away.

All the evils people do,
Fill God's loving heart,
With sorrow,
So it rains,
Washing the world,
In the hopes we may start anew,

by Felicia Manning

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felicia, my series of poems about Sheila and Clifford are now listed in my poem list as (BOOK# 1) : Sheila And Clifford etc. there are now 4 complete books and a fifth book started. 23 chapters so far; careful of the infrequent sexual content. bri :) bri :)
oops! only one poem to choose from tonight.......again. give us more, please. bri :) [hellooooo, ruth walters! ]
there is a long-standing drought in california. does this mean californians are without sin? ? ? ? i doubt that! ! ! bri :) i've done a bit more of sinning recently, to try to increase the rainfall; my wife's plants need the rain.
We are told this as children, right? But as adults, tend to not believe it. But funny how so very many people get depressed or gloomy on rainy days... maybe those most in tune to His feelings?
... wonderful message in this poem... nice write..
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