when you hear the summer rain falling
falling softly on the leaves
when you think you hear a memory calling
mingled faintly on the breeze

i want you to know i am here
here with you in all you do
even though you cannot see me
i always walk beside you

the time we had together
together in this world
was barely a breath long, my love
was too short for words

and yet (somehow) Time has filled me
filled me with all that is 'you'
i carry your love inside me still
it inspires everything i do

when love is real - when love is true
when love is more than a touch
it never ends - only begins again
nothing else means as much

so when you hear the summer rain falling
falling softly down on you
it's only me calling your name
and ever so gently holding you.

by Cheryl Adair

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