HH (July 18,1989 / Arkadelphia)


I love it when it rains
No one can see these tears fall
And the rain washes all this pain away
I feel like brand new

then the rain passes over and the sun shines again
and i fall apart all over again
having the same thoughts but in a different manor
I'm different then you I'm somebody without a clue

without a clue where to go
who to turn to
where to run to

i just keep falling on my own two feet
running around in circles trying to find myself
I'm without a clue on who i am

And I love it when it rains
No one can see these tears fall
the rain washes all this pain away and
the aches stop pounding

but i still feel alone and insecure
wishing i had somewhere to run to
besides my bed late at night holding the pillow tight

wishing that my reflection in the mirror wasn't me
wanting my reflection to fade away for good
throwing away what i used to be
i want to be free

the rain upon my skin feels so good
washing the pain the aches away from me
crying because i know no one can see
running through the puddles to feel free

The rain brings a whole new meaning to me
it makes me feel so alive
rain rain please come back to me
help me get rid of this pain

Written on September 12th 2007

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This is beautifully written and pouring with emotion. Loved it.
Oh, i really love when it rains..it's a blessing coming from heaven..nice poem, Heather..thanks! love and hugs, Meggie