AG (1963 - / St.Helens, South Lancashire, UK)

Rain At 6: 05am

Like an unwelcome guest you came,
Tapping annoyingly on my window pane.
A water torture of rhythm you were,
You made me stay awake,
And now I am down the stairs.
Over early morning tea I yawn,
As I am greeted by the miserably wet dawn.
Early morning workers pass,
The greyness stark before the windows’ glass.

The street and road has a wet incandescence,
As the falling rain leaps like glow-worms
In dance.
And I await my toast as if in a trance.
The toaster snaps and the slices jump,
And I awake.
A Car drives by, the shops still shut, the
Brickwork radiant as the gutters overflow,
And then the pounding rhythm slows.
Will it all start up again?
God only knows……….

Litter clatters, the dustbins rock, as the
Merciless wind howls along the block.
The distant trees of the opposite park,
Hiss as if in gossip, no bird sounds,
No larks.
And now nothing moves, it’s all just sound,
Just gentle taps as rain drops hit ground.

Just gentle taps as rain drops hit ground…..

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