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Rain At The Oasis
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Rain At The Oasis

Poem By Marilyn Lott

I wish you could have been there
When we visited the Oasis restaurant
Always delicious food is served
Yes, it one of our favorite haunts

The sky was quite amazing that night
Dark clouds blended with the sunset
It was like Mother Nature had for us
Just possibly a little torment

Ralph, well you know how he is
He was having a little fun
If you want a bit of amusement
Well, he will be the perfect one

Suddenly the sky opened up
The rain came pouring down
It got a little wet that night
On our evening out on the town

But it really didn’t matter
Much fun was had by all
You have to expect a little rain
After all it’s the season of fall!

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