RW (23 Aug / London)

Rain Cloud!

Watch It, Crawling Surface Creeping
Then The Cars That Are Always Beeping
Strength Is Needed, Truly Deserved
Beat Em Down Show Them Your Not Preserved

When The Time Comes You Shall Know
Do Not Worry, But If You Do It Does Not Show
Pleasant Trips Taken Yearly
Contributed To You Dearly

Second Sighting Before Fighting
Watch Those Tendons, Please No Biting
Freaky Washers Bee Bop Stoppers
Always Facing The Brunt From The Choppers

Furious Weathers Thundering Down
When It Rains I Always Frown
Weather’s Tough To Understand
Maybe Clouds Should Be Banned

Life Is Freaky, Rain Is Wet
Will There Be A Summer? Yeh? Wanna Bet?
Slim To None Is My View
Hopefully This Year The Sun’s Not Through

Partly Mine Partly Yours
But That Don’t Let You Away With The Chores
Stand Tall With That Head Up High
But Please Don’t Forget Me, Say Goodbye.

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Rudyard Kipling


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