DF (July 08,1988 / Baltimore, Maryland)

Rain Drops

The rain runs down his face slowly dreaching his hair, he stares at the sky thinking unto himself, what must he do to solve his problem?

He must ready hisself for what he is about to do.Lightning cracks the sky, thunder roars thru the night, his heart beats faster and faster as the hour of his end is soon at hand.

He stares into the mirror with discount as his mind absorbs the pain his heart feels.'this is my only alternative.Once its is over my problems shall be solved.'

He puts the noose around his neck, he then plants both feet on the table, he then kicks the table savagely from underneath himself.

His body thrust down as gravity takes its course, with the rope tied around his neck his body could only fall 2 feet.The rope then begans to coke the life from his body, his eyes darken as he begans to fade into nothingness, his heart then began to beat slower and slower.

He could feel the cold touch of death as he hung from the ceiling, swing back and forth as a pendulum does from a clock.

He could feel himself lose breath, their was no turn back from the sin he had committed.Then it happened he stopped moving.Now all his problems will nolonger bother him.

Who was he...He could be you, me or anyone.How will you solve your problems?

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